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Fecken Kirfel V-21D Vertical Foam Saw 

65" Baumer Model EP  Foam Convoluter

84" Edge Sweets Foam Convoluter.

84" Dusenbery Duplex Slitter. 42" Rewind

Hayford Assoc. Hellix 2 blade Cutter

65" Dusenbery Model 835 Duplex Slitter Rewinder. 24" rewind.

27" Pickering Doctor Roll Slitter with Web Cleaner.

Lantech Automatic Pallet Wrapper with infeed and exit conveyors.

Heiber Shroeder 2 lane Window Machine.

64" Clark Aiken Matik Late Model Rotary Sheeter.

Rite-Size Box Maker with Printer.

60" Voorwood Duplex Slitter. 30" rewind diameter.  Razor.

60" Femco Model A-12 Horizontal Foam/Rubber Saw.

Bobst Model SP 130 ER II (Blanker) 500 T. Die-Cutter Machine  1993

Many more available.