60" Associated Pacific Die Cutter. Model MBC-70.   70 ton capacity.

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              NEW LISTINGS 

Edge Sweets Model AV-2 Vertical Foam Saw. New in 2014


Thomas R. O'Neil JR.

Selling Surplus Machinery Since 1980

22" x 32"" Thomson Clam shell Die Cutter. Style 8-6.  AC/DM

Edge Sweets vertical Foam Saw.

Updated  06/01/2020

T.R.O. Machinery Company

36" Bruno Die Cutter. Belt/Sheet fed. 50 ton.


36" Bruno Die Cutter. Belt Fed/Sheet fed.  50 Ton Capacity
22" x 32 Thomson Clam Shell. Style 8-6. AC/DM

63" x 40" Samco Series 115.    115 ton capacity.

60" Associated Pacific.  70 ton capacity.

20" x 20" Atom Model  PT-1001.   90 ton capacity.
12" x 12" Preco Die Cutter.  20 ton. 

60" x 40" Ormont Full Head Die Cutter.  60 Ton. Receding head.  In-feed Conveyor


Edge Sweets Vertical Saw. Model AV-2.  New in 2014

Edge Sweets Vertical Foam Saw.

Lidem Foam Shredder.   20HP.

Demand Products Foam Shredder with Extruder..

Femco Model B-600 Automatic Vertical Foam Saw.
Edge Sweets Model 50-88 Horizontal Foam Saw. 50" Bun height
​Pontotoc Horizontal Foam Saw.  50" Bun height.  Vacuum table.


42" Arrow Duplex Model 325-6. Shear. 30" unwind. 18" rewind.

62" Ashe Duplex. Cantilevered.​

62" Stanford. Dual Rewind. Shear Slitters.  24" rewind.

72" Cameron Model 600 Duplex.  Score Slitters.  24" rewind.
​86" BF-2200 Slitter Scorer.  Thin Blade. New in 2019


40" Contech Guillotine Sheeter. One Roll Unwind.

45" Beck Sheeter

55" Beck Sheeter. One roll Unwind. Jogger table.

70" Clark Aiken Rotary.  Shaftless Unwind Stand.