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Thomas R. O'Neil JR.

84" Rosenthal Sheeter. Model WAS-7-HUBSHEAAC-24

T.R.O. Machinery Company

70" x 30" Freeman Die Cutter.  Model BP-80.    80 ton capacity.

Edge Sweets Model CL-4-PN Foam Saw.  60" Throat.

60" x 30" Associated Pacific Die Cutter.

​Model ABC-60.     60 Ton Capacity

60" Edge Sweets Model RSS-60 Foam Skiver.

Selling Surplus Machinery Since 1980


Updated  09/27/20129

60" Edge Industries Foam Skiver and Convoluter.

41 Alan Road

South Hamilton, Massachusetts 01982


Email: tro@tromachinery.com


Atom Model  S-530-BP-CN  Autoamtic Traveling head.  Belt fed.
60" x 40" Ormont Full Head Die Cutter.  60 Ton. Receding head.  In-feed Conveyor
67" x 40" Atom Model S-680 Hydraulic Die Cutter. Sliding Table.   80 Ton Capacity.
84" Kirby Flat Bed Die Cutter


60" Edge Sweets Model RSS-60  Skiver

85" Albrecht Baumer Model "EP"  Convoluter

60" Edge Industries  Foam Skiving & Convoluter machine

Femco Model B-600 Automatic Vertical Fosam Saw.
Edge Sweets Model 50-88 Horizontal Foam Saw. 50" Bun height
Fecken Kirfel Model H-21 Horizontal Foam Saw. 80" Bun height. Roller hold down. Indexer.

Femco Model 4A6 Horizontal Foam Saw.    50" Bun height.  Vacuum table.

​Pontotoc Horizontal Foam Saw.  50" Bun height.  Vacuum table.


42" Arrow Duplex Model 325-6. Shear. 30" unwind. 18" rewind.

60" Rosenthal  "Smart Slitter"  Automatic Baloney Slicer.

62" Stanford Model 3038 Cantilevered duplex 

62" Ashe Duplex. Cantilevered.
72" Dusenebry Model 815 Duplex Slitter Rewinder. Razor Slit. 24" Rewind Diameter. 3" cores. $4500.00
82" Dusenbery Model 815 Duplex Slitter Rewinder. Razor Slit. 24" Rewind Diameter. 3" cores  $6,000.00


84" Rosenthal. Tape delivery and Slitters.
45" Beck Rotary Sheeter. One Roll Beck Unwind and Beck Jogger Table.